Friday, January 13, 2017


Hawlow peoples! This is a tutorial on how to build a scarecrow in Minecraft. Items: 3 fences, 1 yellow wool, 2 yellow banners, 8 string, 1 pumpkin, 1 hay bale, and 8 yellow carpets. Step 1: Place a single fence post on the ground. 2: Place the yellow wool on top of that. 3: Place fence posts on two opposite sides of the yellow wool block. 4: Place the two yellow banners on the remaining sides of the wool. 5: Place a pumpkin on top of the wool facing one of the directions of the banners. 6: Place the hay bale vertically on top of the pumpkin. 7: Place string on all four sides of the pumpkin, then do the corners of where you placed the string. 8: Place the carpets on top of the string. I originally got this idea from MagmaMusen, and I recommend checking him out. You can also replace the pumpkin with a jack o' lantern for a light source. Remember to ask questions about Minecraft and Terraria!

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