Sunday, January 15, 2017

Terraria: Mob Farm

Hawlow Peoples! This is how to make an effective mob farm. First, you need to find a statue of a mob to farm. In this example, I'm using a skeleton. Make a room you'd use for an NPC, you don't need background walls, or lighting. Don't use anything flammable. Then, place your statue in the room. The way you build this, you can farm many things at once. Then, place wire on the first blocks above the floor. Connect the wire to a timer. Finally place a (this is very important) SINGLE layer of lava at the bottom. The single layer is enough to kill the mob, but not to burn the drops. Place wooden platforms four blocks away from the block below the lava. That should be just enough so you can pick up the drops. Now turn on your timer and the statues should start spewing out skeletons. Now you have endless bones, hooks, and ancient helmets!

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